Hello, I'm Kwena 

b. 1987, from Johannesburg based in Y̶a̶n̶g̶o̶n̶. Chiang Mai.

I have been photographing since my intensive studies in technical analogue photography 14 years ago and I am seriously looking to get published. My body of work just keeps expanding and needs a book into which it can spill.

My process is such that I constantly shoot what is around me, then later compile the images to reveal and 'postulate' a pattern in nature, behaviour, culture; or to narrate a fiction using real-life captures.  

I consider myself a photo artist. Galleries, look this way :)

Agencies,  I am open to doing editorial, but only shoot celluloid.


All the art is already in my thoughts

It is vindicated by my observations

Which I compose in photographs

that exist in instant-infinite tension

Apart from my photography,

I work remotely in the arts and culture sector, independently for many years before, but now in the development space. I am currently working on the institutional development of an arts fund, for which I am the former grant manager. I am open to working remotely on other such projects, as well as  get involved in Global South exchanges.



+66 809 902 978


For media outlets, the limited use of my images starts at $250.

For supporters and collectors, images start at $650 neg.

I accept Ether and tokens at kwena.eth 

I accept Paypal, credit card transfers and cash

I can postmail prints to wherever you are, gratis.

Thank you for stopping by :)

**Portraits are approved for use  prior to sale by the subject. Sale not guaranteed.

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